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Over & Under

Max stepped out of Lucas’s car and felt his stomach turn. When Lucas had said that they’d be spending a weekend in a cabin, Max would never have imagined this—a dilapidated shed in the woods with one window sitting next to a large body of still, stinking water, the surface of which literally writhed thanks to the mosquitos that covered it.

“Cute, isn’t it?” Lucas asked and Max had to stifle a scoff. 

“Adorable,” Max said, doing his best to stay positive about the experience. They’d driven for hours into the middle of the woods somewhere in northern Michigan, and Lucas had refused to tell him anything about where they were going or why they were going there, save for the fact that it was supposed to be a romantic getaway from all of the wedding planning stress they’d both endured.

Romantic was the last word that came to Max’s mind. 

They didn’t have a map and the idea of cell service was a punch line in and of itself, so Max truly had no idea where they were, but as they drove along Lucas seemed to have known exactly where he was heading, like he’d done it hundreds of times. At some point during the seemingly endless drive, Max had closed his eyes and resolved himself to the fact that he might never see civilization again.

“I know it doesn’t look like much, but trust me, it’s better on the inside,” Lucas said, stirring Max out of his thoughts as the killed engine died and Lucas stepped out of the car himself. “Speaking of, we’d better head in before we turn into lunch. The mosquitos here are particularly ravenous.”

“I’ve noticed,” Max said, smashing a mosquito against his forearm. 

“Go on in, I’ll bring the bags,” Lucas said and handed Max a single key from his pocket. Max turned it over in his hand, sighed, and walked to the front door to let himself in. He slammed the door to keep the wave of insects outside and took a look around. At the far end of the so-called cabin, a full-sized bed had been pushed into one of the four corners of the room and when Max approached, he was horrified to find a gaggle of dead insects on the comforter. 

“What the hell have I gotten myself into?” he thought aloud, shaking his head. His skin crawled, and suddenly he found himself wanting nothing more than to wrap his body in cellophane and pray that none of the myriad of creepy crawlers surely still alive in this place could eat their way through the plastic. He didn’t want to sit down, but he didn’t want to stand either because he feared that at any moment a spider or some such might slip down into his hair. 

Lucas stepped in a moment later, wheeling their suitcases behind him and introducing a new wave of hellspawn as he struggled to get the door closed. 

“Just like I remembered it,” Lucas said, resting his hands on his hips and admiring the room. 

“I hope it looked better than this at some point in time,” Max said, his eyes zeroing in on the mold and general decay that the wooden beams overhead so clearly showed. 

“Hey, you said you were up for an adventure,” Lucas said. 

“I’m sorry, but I wasn’t exactly prepared for this. You didn’t give me a lot to go on, I had no idea we’d be going over and under the woods to get to… Whatever this is,” Max said, gesturing around the room.

“It’s supposed to bring us closer together. No technology, no other people, just us and nature.”

“And mosquitos.”

“As I said, nature,” Lucas said with a smile. “My family used to come here every summer when I was a kid. Looks like time hasn’t been kind to the cabin, but I suppose it’s rarely kind to anything.”

“Fair enough,” Max said. 

“So can we make this work or no? It can be a lot of fun.”

“We can make it work,” Max answered, though he knew it would take much more effort on his part than it would on Lucas’s. 

“Good, I’m glad to hear it. So, let me give you the grand tour,” Lucas said, his smile widening, and Max chuckled. “On this half of the cabin, we have the bed and a sitting area. And on the other half, we have a half-kitchen.”

“Where’s the bathroom?” Max asked, though he had a sinking feeling that he already knew the answer. Lucas pointed at the back door, the only real thing separating one half of the house from the other, and Max burst out laughing. “How did I know?” he asked. 

“We’re roughing it,” Lucas said. “I thought it might be a nice change of pace.”

“I think it’ll make me appreciate what I have back home that much more, at least,” Max said and Lucas nodded with a smile.

“Definitely,” he said. “Well, make yourself at home.” Max had no idea how he was supposed to go about doing that. There wasn’t even a place to sit down, no chairs, no sofa, nothing. Just hard, wooden flooring that looked like it hadn’t been swept in decades, and the lumpy bed that looked about as comfortable as the floor. 

“When was the last time you came here?” Max asked. 

“It’s been a long time.”

“How long?”

“Twenty-five years,” Lucas said, grimacing.

“Whoa. Has anyone been here in the meantime?”

“Not that I know of,” Lucas said and silence fell between the two for a long moment.

“Why did you want to bring me here, specifically? If you wanted to go camping, we could’ve done that anywhere.”

“Call it nostalgia,” Lucas said. “Or idiocy, whichever you prefer. I’m not sure why, honestly. There’s something about Tim and Ryan’s BnB that made me pine for the days when I used to come here and spend all day swimming in the lake.”

“OK, I can get grasp that stuff, but why would you want to bring your fiancé to see it?”

“I thought you might enjoy seeing a glimpse into my life and that I didn’t always live as large and lavish as I do now,” Lucas said. I hadn’t thought of it like that, Max thought, shrugging. But now that Lucas had mentioned it, it did seem more than a little odd that someone like Lucas might have come here—willingly, no less. 

“I know it might be hard to believe, but it’s true. Once upon a time, my family was piss poor, and this little escape was the only thing we had.” Max felt like a complete dick now for being so judgmental and, well, mean about being there. 

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

“Of course you didn’t. No need to apologize. The point is, I have a lot of fond memories of this place, and now that I have someone to share things with, I thought we could make an entirely new generation of memories here together,” Lucas said, and Max’s heart swelled. He would never have guessed when they first met just how romantic and thoughtful Lucas was, and he’d never stopped surprising Max with little gestures like this one. Max smiled. 

“There. That’s what I was hoping to see,” Lucas said and came closer to rest his forehead against Max’s. Before their skin connected, Max already felt himself getting aroused by the intimacy of the moment, but once they were together, Max’s body felt absolutely electric. 

“Be honest, you just brought me out here to bone in the woods,” Max said and Lucas burst out laughing.

“Well, that’s certainly one perk of having absolutely no one else around,” Lucas said when he’d gathered himself again. “And I’d never say no to sex with you,” he continued, running the backs of his fingers down Max’s cheek, which made Max quiver. “It’s funny, actually. I met my first real boyfriend here, if you could call him that,” Lucas said as he withdrew his hand and Max felt grateful for the moment to breathe.

“First boyfriend, eh?”

“Or something like that, yeah. He was a guy my age. I used to be afraid of the water after almost drowning once as a toddler, so my father had taken me to the pond out back and vowed to teach me how to swim,” Lucas said.

“Wait, you were twenty years old and still didn’t know how to swim?” Max asked, incredulous. 

“A near-death experience tends to have that effect on a person,” Lucas said. “But yes, you’re right, it was silly. These days I can’t quite recall what exactly it was about the water that made me so scared. Loss of control, probably. 

“Anyhow, so we started with me floating on my back and my father’s hands held just beneath me. He kept threatening to let go, and I was terrified, so I closed my eyes and the next thing I knew I was underwater and drowning again. Of course, the pond was shallow enough that I could stand, so when I came back up and choked down some air again, I found the guy standing on the opposite side of the pond. He’d seen the whole thing and I was so embarrassed, because I’d seen him the day before and immediately I was enamored with him,” Lucas said. His eyes seemed to have glossed over as he remembered and shared the memory. 

“That’s really cute,” Max said. “So did anything ever happen between the two of you?”

“We were inseparable after that. His name was Sean, and he taught me how to swim. On the last night before we left to go back home, I tried to kiss him in the pond while we swam. He… Didn’t take it very well,” Lucas said, and he came back to the moment, his eyes locking onto Max’s. “We left the next day and I never saw or spoke to Sean again.”

“That’s rough,” Max said. 

“It is, but that’s life.”

“So it never went beyond a kiss?”

“Never. Though I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t fantasized about other things happening, right here in this cabin,” Lucas said, a mischievous glint sparkling in his eyes. 

“With your parents in the same room? Naughty,” Max teased. 

“Naughty, indeed,” Lucas said, coming close to Max again, which made him feel like he was vibrating. Max wrapped his arms around Lucas’s waist and pulled him in such that their chests touched; a bulge in Lucas’s pants pressed up against his thigh. 

“You know, we could definitely make some of those kinds of memories here,” Max said, gently touching his lips to Lucas’s. 

“I hoped you’d say that,” Lucas said as he nipped at Max’s bottom lip. 

“I think this might be the kinkiest thing I’ve ever done.”

“Oh, Max, dear, there’s an entire world you’ve yet to discover,” Lucas said and without warning he seized Max by the hips and hoisted him off of the ground to carry him to the musty bed in the corner. Max laughed as they crossed the room until he realized that he was about to be skin-to-skin with several dead bugs. 

“Wait a second, I don’t think I can do it in this bed,” Max said, squirming in Lucas’s arms.

“Why not?” Lucas asked, drawing his head back to meet Max’s eyes.

“It’s gross. There are dead things all over it and it smells.” Lucas chuckled and set Max back down on his feet before tearing off the comforter and shaking everything off of it. Instead of putting it back on, he rolled it up and threw it in the opposite corner.

“Wouldn’t want to dirty it,” Lucas explained. “Now, where were we?” He took Max by the hand and sat down on the bed, which creaked and groaned under the weight. He patted the space beside him and raised his eyebrows at Max. Max chuckled and threw himself at Lucas, pinning him on his back against the mattress. To Max’s surprise, the old bedframe seemed to be holding up under their combined weight. 

“I think we were right about here,” Max said, stealing a kiss before reaching behind himself to grip Lucas through his shorts. 

“Mm, I think you’re right,” Lucas said. “God, it took everything I had to keep my hands off of you in the car on the way here.”


“Yes, really. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop thinking about being here alone with you and all of the things we’d do.”

“My little hornball,” Max joked and Lucas smirked. 

“Do you disapprove?”

“Not even a little bit,” Max said and tore off his shirt. Lucas’s hands found his chest immediately, his fingers snaking across Max’s pecs before working their way down to trace the firm lines of Max’s abs. 

“I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing this,” Lucas said. 

“And I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing the look on your face every time that you do,” Max said, and he meant it. The combination of lust mixed with love and adoration that he saw coloring Lucas’s face hadn’t yet failed to send him into the stratosphere of desire. 

He backed his way down Lucas’s torso to tear open the button and zipper on his shorts before pulling them down off of Lucas in one strong go. Lucas’s cock bounced out in front of him and Max felt his mouth begin to water. 

“You aren’t wearing underwear?” Max asked, though it didn’t much bother him. Quite the opposite, actually.

“I didn’t think I’d be needing them this weekend,” Lucas said with a smirk, and it was all that Max needed. He knelt down between Lucas’s legs and let his lips hover mere centimeters from Lucas’s swollen shaft. Lucas gripped the sheets and let out a low moan as Max teased him with the slightest of breaths against the tender skin on the underside of his cock before lapping at its tip with his tongue, making pre-cum stream down its head. 

When Max took the entirety of Lucas into his mouth, the sweetness of Lucas’s pre-cum overwhelmed Max’s tastebuds. His lips slipped down to the hilt of Lucas’s cock, and Max held himself there for a moment as Lucas groaned and squirmed. 

“I swear, you only seem to get better at this,” Lucas whispered as his hands wound themselves up in Max’s curls. Max pulled back as slowly as he could, making sure that Lucas felt each one of the warm, wet nooks and crannies in his mouth against his cock, which only made him grow thicker in Max’s mouth. With each bob up and down, Max increased his speed until Lucas’s head began to thrash back and forth and his groaning filled the small room. 

“Stop,” Lucas gasped, using both hands to hold Max’s head still. 

“Why?” Max asked, dragging the tip of his tongue from Lucas’s tightened balls all the way up to the tender skin separating his shaft from his head. 

“I’m not ready to come yet,” Lucas said. “And that’s not helping.” He sat up and forced Max onto his back before taking off his own shirt. Once he was nude, he took his time removing all of the remainder of Max’s clothing, one piece at a time. When he was finished, he straddled Max, his ass cheeks grazing Max’s swollen cock as he leaned forward to place soft, erotic kisses on Max’s neck and collarbone. The hair on Lucas’s chest tickled the smooth skin of Max’s own and made him shiver. That feeling was one he most enjoyed and thought he’d never grow tired of, much to his own surprise. 

“How’s that?” Lucas whispered, his hot breath intensifying the goosebumps already rippling across Max’s entire body. 

“Intense,” Max answered as he gripped Lucas’s waist and forced it down so that his ass cheeks enveloped Max’s cock. Getting the message, Lucas began to grind his ass up and down the underside of Max’s cock. The brief flashes of warmth that Max felt as Lucas’s hole passed the head of his cock flipped a switch for him mentally, and at that moment Max wanted nothing more than to feel himself inside of Lucas, to watch him bounce up and down on his cock while their hands intertwined and their eyes locked together. 

“I want to ride it,” Lucas said, and the words were like pure fire, making Max’s skin boil with passion.

“You read my mind,” Max said. “But I don’t have any, uh… Equipment, so to speak.”

“We won’t need it,” Lucas said as he sat up and held a hand in front of his face. He spit into it and reached behind himself to grip Max’s cock, which he palmed and drenched in his saliva. Truthfully, Max could’ve come just from that sensation, but he wanted more. Again, Lucas brought his hand to his face before applying another healthy serving of wetness to Max’s cock and his own hole.

“Are you sure about this?” Max asked. 

“I’ve never been more sure of anything. We’re getting married soon, we don’t have any secrets between us—we made sure of that with our tests, remember?” Lucas asked as he rubbed Max’s cockhead against his hole. For a moment, Max couldn’t think of anything but the warm, amazing sensation of Lucas’s tender skin against his cock, but when he gathered himself he knew that Lucas was right. They’d gotten tested together, just to be safe, a few days before this trip. It all made sense now. 

“You had this all planned out, didn’t you?” Max asked, though he was far from scandalized. In fact, he found it incredibly hot. 

“So what if I did?” Lucas asked as he began to sit back onto Max’s cock. Max groaned as his head slipped slowly inside of Lucas and his eyes clamped shut—he couldn’t help it, the pleasure and stimulation of the moment felt overwhelming. When he opened his eyes again, he found Lucas staring intently down at him, his eyes full of affection. 

“Does it feel OK?” Lucas whispered.

“It feels incredible. How does it feel for you?”

“Perfect,” Lucas said as he took a deep inhale and sank further down onto Max. Max had trouble believing that Lucas could do something like that with nothing more than spit, but the feeling of tight warmness around his cock convinced him that it was absolutely real. 

“Take your time, there’s no rush,” Max said. Truthfully, he was greatly enjoying the sight of Lucas perched on top of him, his face scrunched up in pleasure, his chest rising and falling rapidly from his own excited breathing, but he also didn’t want Lucas to hurt himself—he deserved to feel pleasure just as much as Max did. 

“I’m not sure I’m going to last long once you’re all the way in, so maybe we should slow things down a bit,” Lucas said as he gripped down around Max’s cock with his hole and slowly pulled himself upward until only the very tip of Max’s cock head remained inside. He leaned forward again and kissed Max gently at first, until Max’s own passion took hold of him and he forced Lucas’s mouth open with his tongue, his hands tightly gripping the sides of Lucas’s face. And then, Lucas shoved downward with his hips and Max slipped back inside, this time almost entirely to the base of his cock, and they moaned into each other’s mouths. 

Fuck,” Lucas shuddered, his ragged voice barely audible. Max continued to hold Lucas’s face just above his own as he used his hips to draw himself ever so slowly out of Lucas. 

“So much for slowing things down, huh?” Max said and Lucas chuckled. 

“There’s always round two,” Lucas answered and sat back onto Max’s cock, which this time slipped all of the way inside, stopping only when Max’s hips collided into Lucas’s. Lucas threw back his head and let out of a deep, long moan as he began to stroke himself. 

“Oh my god,” Lucas whispered. “Lie still. Let me do it.” With a smile, Max tucked his hands under his head and watched as Lucas used his knees and his hips to rise all the way up only to come crashing back down on his cock. Again, Max’s eyes squeezed shut, forcing back the burning of the orgasm that had already begun deep inside of him. Lucas’s rhythm steadily increased along with the strokes he gave his own cock until his breathing turned patchy and erratic. The bed squeaked and screamed under the motion of their bodies colliding. Pre-cum streamed from Lucas’s cock onto Max’s abs and Max felt sure that he was going to blow at any second. 

“I’m gonna come,” they said in unison and Max dug his fingers into Lucas’s meaty thighs as he released into Lucas while Lucas soaked his chest. For a moment, Max’s vision went entirely white and his chest clenched as his body refused air. When the last crashing wave of his orgasm ebbed away, Max tore into reality and took deep, desperate gulps of oxygen to keep from passing out. After he opened his eyes for the first time in what felt like forever, he found Lucas leaning over him and panting, his spent cock resting against Max’s abs in a pool of its own creation. 

“That… Was beautiful,” Lucas gasped. Max could only nod in agreement. They’d had a lot of great sex together, but this session had been otherworldly. In that moment, as they both struggled to catch their breath and find some sort of grip on reality, Max felt more bonded with Lucas than he had at any other point in their relationship.

“If the sex is that good now, I can’t wait to see what it’s like when we’re married,” Max said. Lucas laughed as he climbed off of Max and fell down onto the mattress beside him. The bed frame creaked and before either of them knew what was happening, it collapsed beneath them, sending them crashing to the floor. Once Max was sure that both he and Lucas were OK, he burst into laughter.

“It was so good we broke the bed,” Lucas choked through his own laughing. 

“I love you,” Max said, cutting through the laughter, and Lucas turned to face him, his eyes sparkling. He took Max’s hand in his own and wound their fingers together before raising Max’s hand to place a gentle kiss on the back of it.

“I love you, too,” Lucas said. 

Max had no idea how they were going to get any sleep that night, but in that moment, he didn’t care at all.