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Here & Now

Ryan couldn’t believe his eyes when he stepped into his new studio for the first time. In addition to all of his work he’d continued to make with Tim adorning the walls, the place had everything that he could have ever dreamed of, including its own dark room.

A booming re-launch of the BnB had led to a nice chunk of income for the two of them, and though they’d been so busy running it for the last few months, Tim had somehow found a way to squirrel away some time to work on making this amazing surprise for Ryan.

Every little detail in the room was taken into careful consideration, down to the color of his name on the frosted glass on the front door. It was teal, Ryan’s favorite.

Ryan Jenkins Photography, it read and seeing it on the front door while also running his fingers across the letters felt like a dream come true. Ryan’s chest swelled with pride, despite the fact that he didn’t yet have any paying clients nor any plan to obtain them.

“Tim, it’s flawless,” Ryan whispered and threw his arms around Tim’s neck to give him the biggest kiss he could manage. He’d talked Ryan out of the BnB under the guise of going to get some coffee in town, so he’d never seen it coming.

“I’m glad you like it,” Tim said when they broke. His face was split wide by a smile, his brown eyes twinkling in the soft light that poured down from above. “I was worried that you might think it was a little too much.”

“Too much? Tim, honey, you ought to know by now that ‘too much’ is my mantra. Seriously, though, it’s everything I could’ve wanted! But I still don’t understand why you did it.”

“We can’t spend every waking moment in the BnB, as much as it feels like we have to at times,” Tim said. “Besides, I want you to keep up with your photography. You’ve got a lot of talent, and I’d hate to see it go to waste while we wash other people’s stains off of our sheets,” he continued and Ryan rolled his eyes. Yes, that had really happened, and many more times than once.

“Well, photography isn’t like other things where if you don’t use it you lose it,” Ryan said. “But nonetheless, I can’t believe this! I really don’t deserve you.”

“You’re right, you don’t,” Tim said and when Ryan scoffed, Tim stuck out his tongue at Ryan before pulling him in for another kiss, a deeper and more searching one. All of the windows in the small shop that had become his professional space were wide open, but Ryan didn’t care at all. He had no reason to worry. He and Tim had become a bit of a local legend since re-opening the BnB, which they’d decided to make exclusively gay. Most of the major travel publications listed The Country Cottage as one of the top destinations for gay travel in Saugatuck. Of course, they’d set out to make the place a good experience for everyone that stayed with them, but they’d never imagined that they’d be so successful.

So, yeah, no one was going to be surprised or offended to see them kissing inside of a shop, especially not one with Ryan’s name plastered on it.

“You better be careful, you’re playing with fire,” Ryan groaned as Tim nibbled on his lower lip, their foreheads pressed together. They hadn’t been able to be intimate for the last week because they’d had a full house, but their vacation had started today and Ryan was more than ready for a little release.

“Why do you think I brought you to a secluded area?” Tim asked.

“You’d really call an open storefront secluded?” Ryan laughed, nodding at the front door, which any and everyone could have walked right into if they wanted.

“Secluded enough,” Tim said and drug the tip of his tongue up Ryan’s neck, forcing his faux resistance out of him along with his breath.

“You’re evil,” Ryan giggled, his toes curling inside of his shoes. Not long ago Tim had discovered that Ryan’s neck was a bit of a weak spot for him, and he still hadn’t been able to let go of that find.

“Not evil, just really, really backed up,” Tim said and used his teeth to ever so slightly gnaw on the lobe of Ryan’s ear.

“I hadn’t noticed,” Ryan said and tried to push Tim away, which of course was futile because Tim was twice as strong as Ryan. As expected, instead of putting distance between them, instead it resulted in Tim gripping him tighter, his arms like a vice around Ryan’s waist. Their stiff cocks ground against each other through the fabric of their clothes, and when Ryan glanced down he was surprised and delighted to find a wet spot blooming in Tim’s shorts. He might have been able to resist and get them to a more suitable place if it weren’t for that.

“Lock the door,” Tim said into Ryan’s ear, his hot breath traveling down Ryan’s neck and straight to his groin. Without a second thought, Ryan dashed from Tim’s arms to the door and slammed it shut. The lock was a little finicky, but eventually turned into place when Ryan applied a bit of force. There weren’t any blinds on the windows to lower, so Ryan left them as they were and stepped back toward Tim, who was wearing an unbelievably sultry half-grin that could’ve brought even the strongest man to his knees.

“There’s something else I want to show you,” Tim said, motioning for Ryan to step closer.

“Oh God, what now?”

“Just come with me,” Tim said and took Ryan by the hand to lead him to the back of the shop toward a single door. The red room.

They stepped inside and the smell of chemicals flooded Ryan’s nose, a scent that he had grown to love since spending hours and hours in a room very similar to this one as a teenager working on his school’s yearbook. The smell brought memories swirling up to the surface of his mind, including the fantasy he’d always had of using the dark and seclusion of the red room for something decidedly not appropriate for the yearbook.

“You even bought me materials?” Ryan asked, incredulous as he took in the sight of the tables and trays that filled the small room.

“Are you impressed?”

“More than impressed. I’m blown away. I owe you big time,” Ryan said, dragging a finger along the smooth surface of the nearest table.

“And I intend to collect,” Tim said, closing the door of the red room. Darkness enveloped them momentarily before being replaced with a soft red glow that made Tim’s wonderfully smooth skin look somehow softer and more arousing as he unbuttoned his shirt, which fell to the floor seconds later.

“A Jenkins always pays his debts,” Ryan quipped, and Tim giggled as Ryan stepped forward to rest his hands on Tim’s beautiful, broad chest and savor the grit of the hair growing from it beneath and between his fingers. He’d seen and felt it hundreds of times now, but somehow it never seemed to lose its appeal for Ryan. In fact, he didn’t think he’d ever grow tired of seeing Tim’s naked torso, no matter how long they were together.

“Where the hell is my camera when I need it?” Ryan said, his finger slipping down Tim’s happy trail toward his shorts. “You’re gorgeous in any kind of lighting, but I gotta say, this red light is really working for you.”

“For me or for you?” Tim asked as he reached down to stroke Ryan’s rock hard cock through his shorts. “Because I’d say it’s doing more for you than it is for me, based on this little piece of evidence.” Ryan laughed.

“Are we really going to do this here and now?”

“Here and now,” Tim said and didn’t allow Ryan a second to think before gently placing his lips against Ryan’s. Ryan closed his eyes and lost himself to the feeling of Tim’s hands slipping under his shirt to caress the skin beneath, his fingertips making just enough contact to send goosebumps quivering down his back.

“Oh god,” Ryan groaned as once again Tim’s lips found his neck. The goosebumps that had formed before now came rushing in the opposite direction, traveling up his entirety until they reached his scalp, which came to life with an immensely pleasurable tingle. While he’d been distracted, Tim had worked his shorts and underwear off of his waist. Had it not been for the cool air around him, Ryan might never have noticed.

Tim sank to his knees and gripped Ryan’s bare thighs as he used his breath to tease Ryan’s swollen head, which bounced up and down with each new blast of hot air from Tim’s mouth. Ryan kept his eyes closed tight, using the darkness of the room to heighten his other senses. Tim’s tongue flitted across the tip of Ryan’s cock, and he gasped.

“How did you know that this was always a fantasy of mine?” he whispered.

“I didn’t until now,” Tim said, licking so slowly up the underside of Ryan’s shaft that the pleasure was almost painful. “But now that I know, I’ll be sure to take full advantage of it,” he continued before closing his gloriously wet and warm cheeks around Ryan’s entirety, making Ryan shudder and dig his nails into Tim’s firm shoulders.

“Holy hell,” Ryan wheezed as his balls leapt up toward his shaft. Already he felt like he was on the edge, and they’d just started. Tim seemed to have gotten better at this every time that he’d done it—more times than Ryan could count at this point—and his enjoyment seemed to increase exponentially along with the experience. Ryan stroked Tim’s soft hair as he began to thrust himself in and out of Tim’s mouth. Tim let out a series of small moans and stroked Ryan’s shaft with his hand as his saliva completely coated his cock.

“If you keep that up, our fun’s going to be over very soon,” Ryan grunted, gripping the sides of Tim’s head to prevent him from moving even another centimeter.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Tim said, looking up at Ryan as he continued to stroke his thick shaft.

“Seriously, stop,” Ryan said and pulled away. His heart hammered in his chest, triggered by the intense burning behind the base of his cock. Tim stood to unbutton his shorts. He took his time letting them fall down his legs, until at last his cock bounced out from under the elastic band of his briefs. His thighs had always been irresistible, like ancient marble sculptures, but the harsh shadows that the red light cast on his muscles and his tattoo, which had quickly become a favorite of Ryan’s among his lower half, made them that much more mouthwatering. They looked like two slabs of stone, chiseled and perfect in the way that only a beautiful accident could be.

Ryan made to kneel before Tim and return the favor, but Tim placed a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. It’s just that today isn’t about me, it’s about you,” Tim said.

“I thought you said I owed you?”

“You do. With your pleasure,” Tim said and reached down to stroke Ryan’s cock, which hadn’t lost any of its girth. Still gripping his cock, Tim pulled Ryan over to the nearest table and forced Ryan down on his back along the longest edge of the table. It creaked and wobbled as he adjusted himself, but remained standing.

“Tim, baby, we can’t. I don’t have any lube or anything,” Ryan said, though he definitely wanted to. He’d never bottomed for Tim, but he’d wanted to give that experience to Tim for a while now, assuming he had the right things to make it happen.

“That’s OK. I had something else in mind.”


“Well, we’ve got to mix things up every now and then, right?” Tim said before spitting into his palm and smearing the saliva on the insides of his thighs. He gave Ryan’s cock a quick few pumps before he laid down on top of him, his weight and warmth surprisingly pleasant against Ryan. As their lips met again, Tim spread his thick, muscular thighs—the same ones that Ryan had just been admiring—to trap Ryan’s cock between them and clamped down on it. The contraction forced Tim’s thighs up Ryan’s shaft and sent a burst of pleasure across the head.

“Oh my god,” Ryan groaned, his hands clamping down on Tim’s ass. He’d never have thought to do something like this, but now that it was happening he didn’t want it to end and couldn’t think of any better way to christen his new workspace. Between the feeling of Tim’s thighs massaging his cock and Tim’s own cock grinding and leaking against his stomach, Ryan could barely think, much less fight back the orgasm that had been building from the second that they’d entered the room.

“Are you close, love?” Tim whispered into his ear, pumping up and down on Ryan’s cock, his pace quickening as he read Ryan’s body language. Ryan’s breath came so short and infrequently that he couldn’t form an answer. Tim’s slick thighs felt so amazing enveloping his cock that it blocked everything else out, save for Tim’s words: “Let yourself go, baby. Show me how good it feels.”

“Fuck,” Ryan grunted, his entire body tensing as his orgasm took hold of all of his senses and prepped his nervous system for the overload it was about to receive. “I love you!” he shouted, the only other words he was capable of forming.

“I love you too,” Tim said, and it was all that Ryan needed to hear. The precipice he’d been hovering on for what seemed like an eternity came rushing up to meet him as he came, his cum spraying onto Tim’s ass and lower back as Tim cradled him and kissed his neck. Even after his involuntary bucking had stopped, Tim continued to pump Ryan’s cock with his thighs, making sure to milk every last bit of pleasure out of Ryan that he could.

When at last his orgasm had relinquished him, Ryan sank back onto the table, suddenly aware of the layer of sweat that had blanketed him.

“How was that?” Tim asked, stroking Ryan’s hair as Ryan went soft between his legs.

“Incredible,” Ryan gasped and clutched at his throat. His pulse pounded so hard that he wondered if he might be having a heart attack. “Absolutely incredible.” Tim slipped off to his side on the table, and they laid together with their legs intertwined while Ryan caught his breath.

“What about you?” he asked when he felt confident he could string words together to make a sentence. Tim’s cock flexed against Ryan’s thigh and Ryan chuckled.

“Oh, I’m right behind you,” Tim said, reaching down to stroke himself. “Kiss me,” he said and placed his free hand on Ryan’s head to turn his face. Ryan didn’t resist, instead he leaned into the kiss and savored the softness of Tim’s lips against his and the sensual way that their tongues connected. The table rocked beneath them with each of Tim’s strokes, which only grew stronger. Tim’s ragged breathing and gasps between their kisses threatened to bring Ryan’s own cock raging back to life.

“That’s it, baby. Just imagine me inside of you, giving you my love while you look into my eyes and know that this is where we’re meant to be,” Ryan whispered, and Tim groaned.

“Here it comes,” Tim gasped, turning onto his back. His entire body seized, the muscles flexing beautifully as rope after rope of cum splattered onto his stomach. Ryan massaged his balls and toyed with the tantalizingly warm skin between them and his hole as he continued to come. “Oh fuck!” he shouted, his head rising off of the table, when one last spurt erupted out of him.

“Holy shit,” Ryan laughed, amazed at the force of Tim’s orgasm and the size of the mess that he’d managed to make on himself. “What got you so turned on?”

Tim laughed, unable to speak, his chest heaving. Ryan ran his foot along the inside of Tim’s legs while he recovered and savored the goosebumps that they caused on Tim’s torso.

“Are you kidding me?” Tim asked, his voice hoarse. “I’ve been thinking about and planning this all week. Between that and the fucking hot moment we just shared, a strong breeze would’ve gotten me there.”

“I’m sorry, I wish it could’ve lasted longer for you,” Ryan said.

“Don’t be. It was perfect. No, better than perfect. I swear, you’re going to give me a heart attack one of these days. This old heart of mine can’t take much more of this.”

“Well, at least you’ll die happy,” Ryan said and his heart swelled at the wide smile that appeared on Tim’s face.

“Of course I will. I’m engaged to you, there’s no other way I could be when I die.”

“You had to get all sappy and ruin it, didn’t you?” Ryan said, though he gave Tim another kiss.

“It’s what I do, I’m a bleeding heart,” Tim said when they parted, and they settled into silence while they stroked and hugged each other.

“… You know I’m never going to be able to use this table again, right?” Ryan asked and Tim burst out laughing.


“Because anytime that I try to, I’m going to think of what we just did. Where did you even come up with that little number?”

“Did you forget that I’m a little older than you? I’ve been around the block, I know a few things,” Tim said, winking at Ryan in the darkness. “And we’re going to try them all together.”

Ryan couldn’t wait.