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Salt & Pepper: Spice of Life Book 1

A heartbroken professor. An aspiring photographer. A whirlwind romance.

Professor Tim Moore has everything he thinks he should: a successful career, a beautiful home, and a loving partner—until his long-term boyfriend dumps him and moves out. With his 40th birthday approaching, Tim now feels time and his chances at happiness slipping through his fingers.

“What could a cute young guy want with a washed up old man like me?”

Aspiring photographer Ryan Jenkins’s life isn’t going according to plan. He couldn’t have anticipated losing his mother, much less that she’d leave her struggling bed and breakfast for him to manage in her absence, so he has no choice other to than give up his fledgling photography business to keep his mom’s dream alive.

“Everywhere I look in this cottage there’s a reminder of my Mom, but having you here makes it easier to bear.”

When Tim arrives for a month-long stay at Ryan’s bed and breakfast, bringing a healthy paycheck along with him, Ryan can’t afford to say no, though he definitely wants to because Tim’s good looks and sweet personality are a recipe for disaster. Though Ryan’s had his heart broken one too many times and Tim can’t fathom starting another relationship in his current state, neither can deny the feelings blooming between them. Will their baggage tear them apart or bring them together like salt and pepper?

Salt & Pepper is the first book in a series of fun and lighthearted May-December romance novels. If you like laugh-out-loud dialogue and super steamy sex scenes, then you’ll love this 60,000-word installment in the Spice of Life series. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA.

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