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Open Road: A May/December Novella

“It’s one thing to live in a place and it’s another thing entirely to have it feel like home.”

Jake Davis knows exactly how much that hurts, and he’s had enough. After flunking out of college, he’s ready to kiss small-town North Carolina goodbye and start a new life without friends, a job or any real prospects in West Hollywood, California. At least there he’ll be accepted.

“I reckon you’ve got some damn good luck. You break down in a Podunk town and just happen to run into one of the best mechanics in the place.”

Mitch Robinson has spent his adult life in the closet, deeply afraid of himself and his feelings. His career as a mechanic in Kingman, Arizona has been enough to get him through without drawing too much attention to himself—until he finds Jake broken down on the side of the road and their worlds collide. 

“If you spend too much time wondering how great things could be, you’re going to miss out on how great they already are.”

As the two get to know each other, they instantly discover that they have much more in common than either of them thought possible. 

Will a lifetime of differences steer them into a ditch, or will their similarities keep them firmly on the open road of possibility?

Open Road is a standalone, 20,000-word novella with a May/December theme. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA.