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Milk & Honey: Spice of Life Book 3


A starving artist. A desperate editor. A fake relationship that changes both of their lives.

Lance Mercer is a struggling young artist. When he finds himself on the verge of losing his studio, he considers closing up shop—until his muse strikes. Being seen on the arm of an influential man in the world of art could bring new business… and he just so happens to be going to a very big wedding soon.

“Sometimes you’ve gotta do whatever it takes to make ends meet, like pretending to love someone—or pretending you don’t.”

Dave Ellis is a frustrated editor. After the magazine he works for sells to a wealthy man who wants to take it in a new direction, the pressure is on Dave to become more like the new audience he’s supposed to represent: gay, partnered, and stable. Dave’s got two of those things down. To get the heat off, he needs to find a boyfriend fast—and at any cost.

“Who does it hurt if we’re both on board? No one else has to know that this thing between us isn’t real. Because it isn’t real, right?”

When the two are mistaken for a couple by Dave’s new boss and assigned to work together on a project, they discover that sometimes it pays to be fake—even if their relationship isn’t as fake as it seems. Will their differences expose the truth, or will they bring them together like milk and honey?

Milk & Honey is the third book in a series of lighthearted and fun May-December romance novels. If you like laugh-out-loud campiness, witty dialogue, and steamy sex scenes, then you’ll love this 65,000-word installment in the Spice of Life series. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA.

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